17. Leipziger Hörspielsommer im Richard-Wagner-Hain Leipzig

21st International Audio Drama Competition 2023

— Deadline for the International Audio Drama Competition is 1st February 2023 —

[German version]

The International Audio Drama Competition will be held for the 21st time in 2023. Young artists – directors, speakers, writers – are welcome to hand in their finished productions. Preconditions are that applicants do not work as professionals and that the productions are either in German or English (other languages may be approved as long as they are not essential for the understanding of the plot).

The winners will be aired in the regular program of our several Media Partners.

The production should not be longer than 45 minutes and send in as mp3 (min. 192 kbit/sec).

Entry deadline for the 21st International Audio Drama Competition is February, 1st 2023.

For further information please have a look at our terms and conditions.

  • Application form for the 21st International Audio Drama Competition

  • Title, year of production, produced/published by...
  • And now a few details about your audio drama

  • Please enter a number from 1 to 45.
    max. 45 minutes
  • Please enter a number from 2020 to 2023.
  • TitleComposer/WriterLength (min.+sec.)Background-music*Collecting society** 
    Neue Zeile hinzufügen
    The Hörspielsommer e.V. must be legally ensured that all intellectual property rights regarding the musical compositions within the audio drama are protected. That is why we need you to give us a list of all pieces of music used in your radio play. It does not exclude your radio play from being presented on the festival or from participation in the competition!
    We kindly ask you to list all used compositions, regardless if you composed them yourself or not. Many thanks!

    Please read up on the collecting society in your country.
  • * mark here if the composition (or a section of it) is used as background music and is covered by other sounds or voices
    ** mark here if the composer or writer is member of a collecting society in your country

  • And finally: your submission

  • !!! Unfortunately we got to hear that there happens to be a problem in the uploading process for some people. If it doesn't work for you, use another file hoster and tell us the link in the field below. If this also doesn't help, contact us directly via mail and we figure out a solution: wettbewerb@hoerspielsommer.de !!!
  • Akzeptierte Datentypen: mp3.
    Upload the mp3-file of your audio-drama submission here (.mp3, min. 192kbit/s)
  • (if uploading your audio-drama fails, please leave a download link for other services (Dropbox, WeTransfer etc.))
  • Dieses Feld dient zur Validierung und sollte nicht verändert werden.